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2009 Erie County Fire Wire

All rights reserved. All photos are property of
the Erie County Fire Wire. No photos may be
copied or used without prior permission from
the webmaster
About Us
This Erie County Fire Wire is intended for those individuals who are firefighters
or EMS providers, both paid and volunteer, and those interested in the
Emergency Services field. This is a non-profit web site and is meant for
entertainment only.

This site will provide a news board listing calls such as working fires, mva's,
hazmat, and airport alerts. I will also post any general news and training dates
having to do with fire/ems. If we recieve an alert from anyone through this site I
will post it as soon as I can. We provide an alert form, a page with those
departments in Erie County that are on the internet, links to other fire related
sites, a guest book, live dispatch, audio files, county softball schedules, blog, & photos pages of apparatus, incidents, parades,& training.

Erie County is a county with many departments within, 94 volunteer
departments in all plus the City of Buffalo Fire Department & the Buffalo Niagara International Airport A.R.F.F. . Any help that fellow firefighters can give towards the success of this web site will be greatly appreciated. Help would include sending me an e-mail with any incident they know of, photos of incidents, and photos of the departments in Erie County.

I hope everyone enjoys this site and gets the most out of it.

The Erie County Fire Wire is not affiliated with any department in Erie County or the county itself