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February 2009 News
Edited Olcott's Officers

Cambria Fire Co. has been awarded a $70,300 AFG Grant which will help for some of the equipment lost in their fire at the beginning of week.

Added a link to WNY Fire on the links page.


Attic Fire:
Ransomville firefighters were alerted to an attic fire at approximately 3:15PM. Upon arrival of command heavy smoke was reported to be appearing. Fire was extingushed and overhaul was set to begin in approximately 30 minutes. Extent of damage and cause of fire is unknown. Apparatus on scene: 18E1, 18E3, 18R9, and NCSD.


MVA w/Injuries:
At approximately 700PM Barker 2M7B called into Fire Control and advised them of an injury accident in front of 6694 Dysinger Rd. Within seconds Fire Control dispatched Rapids to this call. 19M7A responded and requested both of his ambulances, fire police, and Wolcottsville's ambulance to the scene. 19M7 later reported that Dysinger Rd between Raymond Rd. and Bowmiller Rd. was shut down and that they were extricating. Car 32-7 was notified, responded to scene, and requested South Lockport stand-by after clearing hospital from a previous call. 29R9 and 19R9 both transported to ECMC and 19R9A transported to ENH:LMH. Cause is unknown. Apparatus on scene: 2M7B, 19M4, 19E5, 19M6, 19R9, 19R9A, 19M10, 29R9, Rural Metro, Car 32-7, and Law Enforcement.


Fire House Fire:
Cambria and Pekin were dispatched to a small fire in the engine room of Cambria's Station 1 on Cambria-Wilson Rd about 1pm. Within seconds 4M7C reported that the engine room was fully engulfed, occupants were evacuated, and that they were trying to remove apparatus. 4M7C further requested South Wilson, Wilson, and Wrights Corners to the scene. 4M7 later reported that everything but 4E2 was able to be removed. Command and EMS Rehab were established in 4M6. Origin and Cause were dispatched and at this time cause of fire is unknown. 4E2 is a total loss and other apparatus has smoke/fire damage. South Wilson and Pekin are covering all Cambria fire calls and Tri-Community Ambulance is covering all EMS calls for Cambria until equipment is in service. Apparatus on Scene: 4E1, 4M6, 24E1, 17E1, 17E3, 17M5, 17M6, 28E4, 28E6, 28A8, 28R9, 30E1, 30E2, 30A8, Rural Metro, 32-3, 32, Origin and Cause, and NCSD.