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Sheridan Park Open House 10-7-09
Kenilworth Open House 10-6-09
Yonkers LODD Photos 10-6-09
East Amherst Open House 10-4-09
Depew Open House 10-4-09

Main Transit Open House 10-3-09
Forks Open House 10-3-09
Rescue Open House 10-3-09
Town of Hamburg Open House 10-3-09
Getzville Open House 10-3-09
Town of Tonawanda Open House Kickoff Event 10-2-09
Highland Hose Open House 9-26-09
Mercy Flight Open House 9-26-09
Brant Tanker Dedication 9-13-09
Blossom New Ambulance Delivery 9-13-09
Williamsville Open House 9-12-09

Amherst 9-11 Rememberance Ceremony 2009
Buffalo Lt. Charles McCarthy Funeral Service 8/28/09
Buffalo Firefighter Johnathan Croom Funeral Service 8/28/09
Blossom Live Burn Training 8/15/09
Erie County 2009 Awards
Blossom Burn Training 8/6/09
U-Crest Disaster Drill Maryvale High School 8/1/09
FD Racing @ Dansville 7/25/09
Erie County Hazmat Training 7/18/09
Main Transit Slo Pokes Tournament 7/12/09
Cheektowaga Firemens Dunk Tank Photos 6/28/09
U-Crest vs Forks Softball 6/16/09
South Line vs U-Crest Softball 6/14/09
U-Crest vs Pine Hill Softball 5/21/09
Orchard Park DWI Prom Drill 6/5/09
Lake View FF Michael Trepacz Funeral 6-1-09
Clarence Center vs Main Transit Softball 5-8-09
Hy-View vs U-Crest Softball 5-7-09
Eden Live Burn 3-22-09
Bowmansville Annual Boot Drive 2-7-09
Genesee County LODD Memorial Photos
Lackawanna 12th Annual Food Drive 12-13-08
Sheridan Park Crash & Burn Day 2 11-9-08
Sheridan Park Crash & Burn Day 1 11-8-08
Brighton Open House 10-18-08
Harris Hill Open House 10-18-08
North Amherst Open House 10-18-08
City of Tonawanda Open House 10-12-08
North Bailey Open House 10-12-08
Snyder Open House 10-12-08
East Amherst Open House 10-12-08
Swormville Open House 10-12-08
Clarence Open House 10-11-08
Twin District Open House 10-11-08
U-Crest Open House 10-11-08
Ellwood Open House 10-8-08
Sheridan Park Open House 10-8-08
Eggertsville Open House 10-5-08
Scranton Open House 10-5-08
South Line Open House 10-5-08
Ellicott Creek Open House 10-4-08
Getzville Open House 10-4-08
Main Transit Open House 10-4-08
Rescue Open House 10-4-08
Town of Tonawanda Kickoff Event 10-3-08
Sheridan Park Live Burn 9-14-08
Buffalo 9/11 Memorial Service
Main-Transit Slo-Pokes 8/16/08
Main-Transit Slo-Pokes 7/12/08
Marilla Live Burn 6/1/08
Doyle 2 Training Burn 5/16/08
Marilla Training Burn 5/2/08

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